Urban Grill


Urban Grill is the first large-scale sidreria in Ukraine.
Urban Grill is about meat and cider, ribs, steaks and Egermeister.
This is a place where you relax without thinking about your worries.

Three floors and three different atmospheres.
In the central – breakfasts from five in the morning and lunches.
At the top – romantic dates, leisurely evenings and business meetings.
At the bottom – crazy nights and dancing until the morning, a bar and football on the big screen.

This is a place where you can and should go until the morning!
This is the place for you and your friends!

Spend your holiday in Urban Grill
We work around the clock 24/7 – you can hang out until the last
Banquet halls from 20 to 90 seats are at your disposal.
Organization of events of various formats. Banquets, corporate parties, proms, presentations, drive parties, birthdays and more.
Let’s create bright emotions. Let’s save you from worries. Let’s make the event unforgettable

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